Call Me Verity

Ezra North was your ordinary seventeen year old girl.

A girl who’s step-father just happened to witness a murder.

A girl who’s family life has been a complete lie.

Her step-father, even her mother had kept the truth from her and now she’s been pushed into a whirlwind and unravelling fast.

Thrown into the Witness Protection Program that doesn’t go as smoothly as was promised, the game changes. But the aftermath that followed was Armstrong Beckket’s first mistake.

Verity Westminster is out for blood.

There is nothing ordinary about Ezra North.

Once upon a time lived a girl whose step-father witnessed a murder, but this is no fairytale.

There won’t be no ‘Happily Ever After.’

There is nothing ordinary about Ezra North.

Or Verity Westminster.

Or Eloise Eastwood.

Call Me Verity coming 2013!